Documenting Bitcoin History: David Foox on HodlCast 102

On this installment of the podcast, Sasha Hodder catches up with David Foox, who is something of a polymath in the Bitcoin space. He has a background in law, but Foox now styles himself as a Documentarian. He recently produced Bit by Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust.

While he isn’t painting wargaming figurines, Foox constructs personal narratives that intertwine with the technologists and users of cryptocurrency. He describes his process as “unveiling a mystery piece by piece.” – Bit by Bit focuses on the diverse viewpoints in the space to describe a whole that each participant only sees part of, something that’s taken a life of its own.

Foox describes Bitcoin’s growth as “Newtonian” – a more palpable imprint on the digital world than past technologies where the energy burnt is conserved and creates value:

“ Bitcoin is a very important technological development in the history of civilization. Its importance is not yet fully understood, but in hindsight, it will be considered a watershed moment in bridging established systems with more efficient technologies. The rabbit hole goes very deep and opens up possibilities never before possible...”

David and Sasha Parlay the futurist angle of the film into discussion on topics like censorship, the soft power generated by wealth, and other heady subjects like the implications of digital collectibles, addiction, and the perplexing nature of a purely digital economy.

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