HODLCast Weekly Newsletter

Updated: Mar 20

March 9, 2020

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy, this virus feels pretty scary. Some rumors suggest that China has actually cemented some of their quarantined population into their dwellings. Business seems to be grinding to a halt, conferences are being cancelled, airlines are refunding flights booked in March, the Amtrak from NY to DC has been cancelled. RobinHood exchange appears to be imploding in real time. The stock market was halted this morning with a 7% loss out of the gate. Crude oil took its biggest plunge since the golf war of 1991. Bitcoin dipped below $8,000 today. It's a lot to swallow, but we can't personally control much of what's going on in the world, only our own reactions. Jeff and I are eating a lot of vitamin C, and considering refinancing the house at a 30 year fixed rate of 2.75% and maybe even pulling out some equity to buy more bitcoin. I don't have a new podcast for you this week, my schedule got thrown off last week, so there will be two new episodes next Monday, with Teddy Fusaro, COO of BitWise Asset Management & Ben Le, cofounder of Tacen Exchange. I did rekindle one of my all-time favorite episodes with Moon Math Win, and turned it into the "Bionic Version" using speech synthesis technology. Make it a great week!

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