Patents, Voting, and Bitcoin: Nelson Rosario on HodlCast 103

On this episode of the HodlCast, we’re joined by Mr. Rosario – A lawyer specializing in tech Intellectual Property – to discuss the implications of patents, copyright and other trade regulations on blockchain technology. His outreach group, BLOC (Blockchain Lawyers of Chicago) helps network law professionals with an interest in the subject, and he has a wealth of knowledge himself, too.

Highlights of the episode include Nelson’s deep dive into the parallels between the emerging blockchain landscape and early internet patent engagements, the expense involved in enforcing or disputing patent claims, and how patent law can be abused to “troll” people in the industry.

Many people have misconceptions about patents, their use, and what they mean for Blockchain software projects. Mr. Rosario breaks down what a patent means for those that make filings for them:

“… your idea has to be new, right? Nobody can come up with it before. You can't patent laws of nature, abstract ideas, you know, it has to be something that's kind of tangible and can be implemented, has to have some sort of utility ... A lot of people think that like inventions are these Eureka moments in the bathtub. And that's not the case. You know, there's maybe only a couple of like patent applications I've drafted where I was like, wow, this is really like mind blowing technology. The reality of innovation is that most of it is gradual.”

There's also a very interesting discussion on the viability of blockchain voting later in the piece. You’ll have to listen to the full episode to get the entire explanation. Luckily, though, it’s available on a range of podcast apps and services. If you like the HodlCast, we'd love it if you took a little time to review us on iTunes. Every piece of input helps:

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