SECurities, Taxes, and More with Leah Wald – HodlCast 104

Updated: Mar 9

In this installment of the HodlCast, Sasha is Joined by Leah Wald. They talk about the faustian bargain involved in launching “free money” ICOs, Bitcoin’s current ecosystem, and the SEC. Leah is a known quantity in the bitcoin space, rubbing elbows with giants like Tone Vays and Jamie Dimon, and her insider perspective brings some unique points to light on the topics discussed.

As it turns out, the current regulatory landscape for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies is unclear and hard to navigate, even for lawyers. Sasha delivers a concise history of the Howey Test, and how it actually applies to cryptocurrencies. Leah talks about regulation on the international stage, pointing out Singapore as a uniquely advantageous location for Crypto start-ups:

“ Yeah, Singapore is fascinating right now. They're really regulatory forward and they're putting forth a lot of guidance and this is for any company structures. They have this new -- it just launched I believe a month ago -- VC type of incorporation structure. The MAS is literally putting out guidance every day. What's interesting, … is that a lot of other companies in Hong Kong, started making the move just based on, the [regulatory] environment. “

The rest of the episode has our host and guest chopping it up about how the space as grown and changed over the years, recounting stories and speculating about the future. You can listen to the whole thing wherever podcasts are available. Leave a Review on iTunes or Stitcher if you like what you're hearing:

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