Top 5 #Bitcoin Tweets

Welcome to the HODLCast BITBONICS! Today is April 29, 2020 and today's twitter search was #Bitcoin.

Here are the top 5 tweets!

Number 5, from @jeitoapp

Before you dismiss #Bitcoin you should at least understand that for the first time in the history of mankind we have an asset with absolute mathematical scarcity and what its implications are.
This has never happened before.

Number 4, from @_k3tan

If you're holding your own private keys, verifying your balances and making payments with your own #Bitcoin node...
Congrats on this, seriously.
Never before has humanity experienced this level of self sovereignty with their money. A huge progression to the human condition.

Number 3, from @DrBitcoinMD

"Bitcoin is just speculation"
Yes it is, you dense melon.
We speculate that #bitcoin will continue to exponentially increase in purchasing power because of vastly superior monetary properties.

Number 2, from @JKwoski

#Bitcoin just broke $9,000. Lebanon just closed banks so the people can’t get their money. The Pound is being depreciated rapidly.
Countries all around the world are printing TRILLIONS of dollars.
The world may have never needed #Bitcoin more than it does now.

Number 1, from @danheld

#Bitcoin just broke $9,000.
The world economy is in disarray.
And you still don’t own Bitcoin yet?