Top 5 #NationalMall Tweets

Welcome to the HODLCast BITBONICS! Today is May 2, 2020 and today's twitter search was about National Mall.

Here are the top 5 tweets!

Number 5, from @urqueerpeer

Coronavirus social distancing is the worst fucking group project of all time... stop going to the national mall, I simply want to be outside without a mask in the foreseeable future

Number 4, from @NaphiSoc

National Mall, Washington, DC, May 2, 2020.
Americans do not have the discipline to do the right thing. Completely impulsive. No break between desire and action.
Trapped in Samsara.
It is hopeless. You need Skillful View and then Skillful Intent to do the right thing.

Number 3, from @halvorsen

don't want to speak for medical personnel but instead of saluting them with flyovers over the National Mall maybe we give them hazard pay and adequate personal protective equipment instead

Number 2, from @jaymac1893

Not a lot of social distancing happening on the National Mall right now ahead of the Blue Angels flyover.
Not sure this is exactly the best way to honor COVID workers but...

Number 1, from @SuppressThis

Gathering in large, unmasked groups on the National Mall to watch military jets "honor" healthcare workers risking their lives to fight COVID-19 is like honoring firefighters by building bonfires in your living room.
This is why we can't have nice things.