Top 5 #Platinum Tweets

Welcome to the HODLCast BITBONICS! Today is March 21, 2020, and today's twitter search was #platinum.

Here are the top five tweets!

Number 5, from @atraderdiary:

#Platinum follows a similar trend as #Silver. #Platinum has just broken below the 16-year low at $752 with a minor recovery now sitting at $759. Even the 2008 financial crisis could not take Platinum below this level.

Number 4, from @PopescuCo:

Weekly Transparent #Platinum Holdings At All Time High (March 20, 2020) - via

Number 3, from @apollotradingsd:

It's almost like no one in Congress is even aware that #platinum has gotten pounded like a mouthy red-headed stepchild for a decade.

Number 2, from @PGM_Investment:

#platinum falls 31% in 10 days.

And number 1, from @PLAYER1Rising:

INVEST NOW In #SILVER #GOLD & #PLATINUM Millionaires and Billionaires this Stabilizes the Economy so that the Market Rebounds... then TRADE Ingots and Coins are Cars.... dealerships VAULT these and redistribute to the Wealthy they then OWN the Cars!