Top 5 #Tesla Tweets

Welcome to the HODLCast BITBONICS! For May 9, 2020, the twitter search was about #Tesla.

Here are the top 5 tweets!

Number 5, from @amsmadwoman

I wanted a Tesla but now.... I am keeping track of which companies are showing their entire ass during #pandemic

@amsmadwoman re-tweeted @axios

NEW: Tesla has filed a federal lawsuit in a bid to reopen its factory in Fremont, California — a step that came on the same day CEO Elon Musk threatened to move the company's headquarters out of the state

Number 4, from @superwuster

Hard times are a test of character; and by that measure Elon Musk is proving a total zero
Elon Musk threatens to move Tesla headquarters out of California following extended shelter-in-place rules

Number 3, from @WalkerBragman

Elon Musk, who is worth about $40 billion, is threatening to move Tesla out of California over its shelter in place order.
There is no vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.
This is a perfect time to remember all the people who thought this guy was going to save the world.

Number 2, from @DailyCaller

Musk Rails Against California’s ‘Ignorant’ Health Officials, Says He’s Moving Tesla’s HQ To Texas
Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested Saturday that he is suing a California county after “unelected & ignorant” health officials spoiled his plans to reopen over coronavirus concerns.

Number 1, from @ksorbs

Another big company leaving California.....when will California change?
Elon Musk 'immediately' moving Tesla HQ to freedom-loving state like Texas over oppressive Calif. lockdown