Top 5 #Ventilator tweets

Welcome to the HODLCast BITBONICS, Today is March 16, 2020, and today's hash tag twitter search was, #ventilator. Here are the top five tweets.

Number 5, @EndCoronavirus said, “We are expecting a shortage of mechanical breathing assistance for severe #Covid19 patients. Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Startups work together to #EndCoronavirus by developing a low cost DIY #Ventilator made only with off the shelf parts”

Number 4, @LunaLiu0826 said, “Our Pigeon Medical are trying best to manufacture air compressor,air oxygen blender,humidifier to fight against Corona Virus.#Ventilator #ICU #NICU #HFNC #ECMO #Coronavirus #COVID19

Number 3, @MirMAKOfficial said, “She lands from #London. Tested at the airport. No symptoms. Goes to a wedding in Fateh Jang. Shows symptoms after a few days. Goes to the hospital. Gets seriously sick. She is put on the #Ventilator. 13 family members quarantined. Entire wedding party exposed. SHE IS ONLY 39”

Number 2, @Mascobot said, “Just finished a first prototype of the #Ventilator, Video & design coming soon. #COVID19 #coronavirus #ventilators

And number 1, @tomjordanuk said, “Challenge is on. We need #Ventilator design that can made quickly & in bulk by our UK factories. Given you can manually ventilate someone with a bag, mask and valve this must be possible. Who can help? We got to use the time we have for action & come together! #COVIDー19