Top 5 #VirtualMeeting Tweets

These are the top five tweets about #virtualmeeting on March 18, 2020.

Number 5, @MedStuCo said, We may not have had our usual Eboard meeting this week, but that didn’t stop us #virtualmeeting #medfieldps.

Number 4, @ChrisJTaylorCT said, Morning #team huddle #Telstra style. The new way of working. #COVID19 #virtualmeeting

Number 3, @yellowgoatdsgn said, Remote with the G.O.A.T.! We've been working remotely with clients for years and have the skills (and cute puppies cameos) to make your online experience perfect. #ygd #yellowgoatdesign #remote #virtualmeeting #cutepuppiesonyourcomputer #design

Number 2, @methanoJen said, Pro-tip for those attending lots of virtual meetings who don’t like using internet browser bookmarks: you can make shortcuts to your meeting rooms and keep them on your desktop for easy access. #virtualmeeting

And number 1, @InovalonInc said, So your industry event got canceled. Now what? We can still connect virtually! Contact Inovalon for a #VirtualMeeting or for a demo of our industry-leading solutions.