Top 5 #whitehousepressconference Tweets

Welcome to the HODLCast BITBONICS! Today is March 23, 2020, and today's twitter search was #whitehousepressconference.

Here are the top 5 tweets!

Number 5, from @TexDem16:

Someone please have the courage to stop airing the White House briefings. They are extremely dangerous and people are going to die as a result of them. Please. #COVIDー19 #whitehousePressconference

Number 4, from @Latrelwhite:

#44 didn’t need people in the back ground explaining what he read. @BarackObama #whitehousePressconference

Number 3, from @mmpadellan:

"You look at Nebraska, you look at Idaho, you look at Iowa...I could name many countries..."
Wow, states are now countries.
The BEST words.

Number 2, from @WhoWonNotMe:

This is the most horrifying #WhiteHousePressConference in the history of the United States. Basically, Trump said: "Screw it if millions of poor Americans die by going back to work as the virus peaks, as long as the stock market bounces back and I get re-elected, it's all good!"

And number 1, from @themoneycoach:

I'm HORRIFIED by this #whitehousePressconference.
1. No Fauci
2. Trump is vowing to "reopen" the country soon.
Scientists, evidence & facts say SHUT THINGS DOWN.
Trump is flat out saying: the economy, money & profits are more important than people's lives.